How I Turned On The Traffic Faucet

How I turned on the traffic faucet was something that took me a while to figure out. If you have ever tried getting traffic/leads online you know that it’s not easy unless you know the tricks of the trade I guess you would say. When I first started doing Facebook advertising i spent almost three hundred dollars and got (2) leads. Those were expensive leads right there.WOW….A hundred and fifty bucks a lead. I was thinking, there is no way I will ever build a email list of subscribers doing this way.. I’ll go broke..



Now I have learned more about how to advertise on face book since then and yes…there are better and less expensive ways to advertise on Facebook. It takes a learning curve but you can get inexpensive leads done the right way. All the top affiliates will tell you to dive into one platform of advertising and master it. Get it profitable for you before you start trying other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or Youtube. They all work but if you dable in them, they will cost you time and money and very little leads in the end.



I met a guy who is now my friend and mentor that uses Solo Ads as his source of traffic. I have found that it is the fastest way to get leads and to build your email list. I ran a campaign the other day that cost me .55 cents a lead. I purchased a 500 click package and so far have received 180 leads and still climbing from the purchase. I received two sales so far at $47.00 and the 500 click package cost me $325.00. So..for now the ad spend was $194.00 net after the sales which when you divide that into the 500 clicks comes to .46 cents a lead which is really good. It gets better because those $47.00 dollar sales are recurring monthly sales so the ad spend will continue to go down. Pretty cool hah…


That’s Misha on the left and Vince Reed.



That is also just the first time those leads were exposed to me, so now they will get entered into my follow up series and receive emails from me on a daily basis providing value, relationship building and redirecting them back to webinars, sales pages and offers on a daily basis which will convert even more of those leads into sales.When you learn economics with your email list you will be able to spend 1 dollar and receive 2 dollars back thereby building your list for free and making money at the same time.



Once you get this working in your business, you can then scale up and purchase as much traffic as you want because you will be getting all that ad spend back and more. This is how I turned on the traffic faucet and how the pros do it online. In one year you can have a giant email list built up that you market to which is like have a cash machine at that point. It’s all numbers. You will send out an offer a a certain percentage will purchase every time. The bigger the list, the higher the percentage. OK…is your mind starting to think of the possibilities for you if you started doing this. I know mine sure did. I happen to know friends of mine with list of 60,000 subscribers and I won’t even say how much they make a month because you would not believe if I told you. Your jaw would drop, I’ll say that…


traffic pic


If you want to save yourself a ton of time and money and learn how to do this the right way I have a really good friend of mine who happens to be a Super Affiliate with a giant list himself who used Solo Ads to build his fortune online. He chronicled his success and designed a 21 day bootcamp how to use Solo Ads to build an online business. It’s a fabulous program that leaves no stone un-turned. He actually teaches you how to do it every step of the way so you will finally know how to build a massive list of your own and know exactly how to market to those prospects to convert them into sales.You also can promote the same program to your prospects and earn up to $1000 dollar commissions if your positioned correctly.



Now for the frosting on the cake…Misha is going to let you run your leads into his proven funnel that made him successful so you can get sales and he will also do your complete follow up series with all your prospects each day converting your prospects into sales which you get to keep the all the commissions. All your leads will have come from solo ads that you purchased which are directly linked to you so no matter how long the prospect takes to convert, you will still receive credit for the sale. How cool is that. Just so you know we already have many students that have started in just the last 2 weeks and are receiving sales one after the other.


traffic sales


Here are my sales from one Solo Ad run. ( See Below )The $47.00 sales are monthly recurring and the yearly was $297.00. The Solo Ad cost me $325.00. This Solo Ad run added 180 leads to my subscriber list also. Remember when I was talking about economics with your ad spends. I made more then I spent on my ad spend with this solo ad and added 180 leads to my list. With conversions like this, I can scale up, spending more solo ads and getting more sales while building my list for free.



I am a coach with the program along with many others that are there to help you all the way through the bootcamp. Don’t worry we won’t be yelling at you. Haha.. Every student gets there own personal coach to help them for the 21 day bootcamp. you can start making sales the first week if you take action like a lot of the students have already. You will become part of our family and join our private Facebook group where we all hang out and offer advise, encouragement and  any information that will help all of us as a whole in our business’s.



I hope you have received some value from this post. Please share with your friends or on Facebook. I will help you all I can, Have a successful day and I urge you to seriously check this out. It’s working for all who take action.. I mean everyone…


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