The Truth About Online Marketing

The truth about online marketing is it’s like any other business. It’s a real business that has to be built with the concept that you are building your customer base one customer at at time. I can actually run a solo ad and receive 70 to 100 leads in a day or two but when I speak to them through my email follow-up I speak to them as one person. It’s about building trust and a relationship with your customer so they feel comfortable and actually look forward to your emails because you are offering them valuable information about their problem or struggle they are going through.


When you become an online marketer you become a leader and an authority in your chosen niche. If you are teaching, you are the authority. You job is to invest in your online education, learn the material and then teach that material to your subscribers. We are here to help each other grow in our individual business’s. It’s not buy my stuff, buy my stuff. That does not work and will surly comes across that way to your subscribers. It’s through training your followers or helping them with something specific that you can earn commissions recommending products that would help them achieve their goal.


The e-learning industry is a billion dollar industry right now and getting bigger each day. People are going online to learn instead of maybe going to school. Some are doing their school courses online as well. How ever people are doing it, there is a big demand for online learning which is good for marketers. There is a big industry for teaching people how to create an income working online taking full advantage of the e-learning industry. It’s not about being scammy or anything like that. You build a list of target subscribers in any niche you want and then market directly to those people. Sounds easy enough right…




There are evergreen niches such as weight loss. There will always be people looking to lose weight. The secret is to dial that niche down a few more levels. How to lose love handles for guys. How to lose belly fat for women. You see my point. People that are searching for those answers are serious about finding a solution and will pay for the right product that will take care of their problem.You want to find out how to find these people, type in the people your looking for and then add Forum after it. That’s a Pro Tip right their for you... Find out more pro tips here


I am in the How to make money online niche. I teach people how to do that. You should find what your passionate about and then look into that niche or group of people. There are other things you can do as well like choose a niche, then go to ClickBank and see if they are selling any digital products over there in the marketplace that you would feel comfortable recommending. Clickbank is a marketplace of digital products that have full blown sales pages and sales aides to help you market their product. If you have a blog or landing page built for your niche, you can display banners that when they click on them, they are taken to the companies sales page and if the prospect buys, you get credit for the sale.




It’s much better to get a nice blog or landing page set up for a specific niche, spend some time getting it ranked in google for your keywords so you show up in the free search. You want to get that landing page profitable before you build another one. This is your 24/7 salesman that never takes a day off working for you. With all that being said, once you have your niche chosen, you absolutely have to start building your subscriber list. This is the life blood to your business. This is really the most important part on online marketing.



Your list is your retirement and your salvation. When you build a big list, you will have literally built a cash machine so when you send out an email, you will receive money back every time. It’s amazing..My good friend in the month of March this year 2016 made $53,128.00 dollars promoting his product on how to build an email list and make sales while doing it. Unreal isn’t it. It almost sounds to good to be true, but here is a screen shot below of his back office. He has 16,212 subscribers. Now do you see why you need an email list.




I can show you how to do this because my good friend and mentor that did those sales made me a coach in his business helping people that want to learn how to do exactly what he does to create that kind of income. He is a Master at building an email list and shows you exactly how he does it. “The faster you build your list the sales just start popping out like pop corn he says”…It’s very exciting to see it happen to you. I know the feeling and it’s awesome. So circling back to the post title “The Truth About Online Marketing”. I can’t speak for other programs but a few, but this one called the The Super Affiliate Network is the real deal and is chock full of some of the best training anywhere online with all the information coming from 6-7 and 8 figure earners.




If you’ve had a bad experience online which most people have… I am right there with you. I have tried about 60 to 70 programs myself but it was seeing those that showed me how incredible this program actually is. Misha leaves no stone un-turned in this training which will take a brand new person without any knowledge online and turn you into a marketing master in 21 days. You have a personal coach assigned to you to help you the whole way through the 21 days. How cool is that. Nobody is doing that.. I know…All the students that have taken action are making sales before they finish the 21 days. Once you know how to do this online skill, you will have mastered a skill that will last you a lifetime. Find out how you can learn this skill today



You can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel and start planning for your future where you will be in charge of your destiny. Not the company or the boss you work for now. Building your list should be your quest. It’s your future and will pay you as long as you email your list helping them, like I am helping you right now. I want to see you succeed. I would love to put your testimonial on my blog or tell my email list that I help someone fire their boss today. That would be completely awesome.


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We are in this life to help others as well as ourselves. A powerful statement I heard once was that if you help enough other people get what they want, you will have all you ever wanted. It’s so true. My other good friend built a team of 14,000 people in his Isogenix marketing company in about a year. He is now making a monthly income that people dream about which is what most people probably make in a year. He has a servant oriented spirit about him. He loves helping people achieve their goals.This is the key to success.



Find a great product, surround yourself with like minded people that want to see you succeed and you will go far. I want to help you all I can so feel free to reach out to me and I will show you what were doing so you to can be part of our family to. I will provide a link for you to see the program I spoke about. Join us and get around a group of people that want nothing more then to see you succeed in life… It will change your life as well as your families life for the better.

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