What Is The Super Affiliate Network

What is the Super Affiliate Network is a great question?

I recorded a video the other day… so I’ll let you listen in…


A good friend of mine Misha Wilson who has earned six figures in two different affiliate companies has modeled The Super Affiliate Network system after his success from being an affiliate marketer. Learning from 6-7 and 8 figure mentors he has carefully constructed a 21 day bootcamp that will teach you the skills to start your own online business. The skills you will learn in this bootcamp will be skills that will last you a lifetime. He leaves no stone un-turned as he walks you through day by day building your affiliate knowledge bank up so that even a brand new person that doesn’t know anything about having an online business will have a clear understanding of how it all works and fits together so you will be profitable in no time.


 The Three Ingredients…

So, the question what is The Super Affiliate Network comes down to teaching you the three main ingredients needed for a successful online business, one of which is learning to build your email list the fastest way possible which will end up being your list of subscribers that will buy from you over and over again.


By establishing yourself as an authority in the market place you will have subscribers that will be waiting for your next email or post in your blog to help them in their business. Not only that, you are also taught how to set up ascension sales funnels which are the conversion systems that will take that traffic and turn them into customers. The third and final step which is follow-up. This is where most marketers fail. You will be learning how to follow up with those subscribers to keep them engaged which in turn will produce sales for you over and over.


Here’s the deal… When your making six figures a year, you are doing something right. You know the old saying right. “Do as successful do and you will achieve the same results”. Taking action is the most important factor of all… I can show you this formula, or have you go through this bootcamp, but if you do not take action, you will stay right where you are now, guaranteed…


So… here lies the decision on your shoulders… Do I take action and suspend my disbelief that has held me back from numerous opportunities in my life, or do I click off this post never to return and go back to working for someone eles’s dreams keeping what you have right now hoping something good will come along and fall into your lap that will solve all your financial problems an worries.


If your waiting for that, all I can say is get use to what you have. I hate to be blunt but it’s the truth. I am not pulling punches because I want you to understand that if you want something, you have to take action.This system works, it’s a proven system. Even if you choose to use these skills in a different niche, that’s OK, but the formula works. The product is secondary.


The Best Part…

Knowing how to do each one of these skills is a integral part of being a successful marketer and eventually you will be doing that for yourself. For now…Misha is letting you funnel all your traffic through the same funnel that has made successful. They will enter in his proven funnel being offered all the same products and offers he has offered his past subscribers directing them back to webinars and other offers all in your behalf.


All those leads you get are linked to you through your own special link, so YOU get the commission when someone purchases something.THEN, he will follow up with those leads everyday twice a day for you providing value while sending offers to them to purchase products. You will receive the commission when that happens even if it’s 3 months down the road. How can you beat that.


He is doing 90% of the heavy lifting for you..You just have to feed the system with traffic which he teaches you how to do. He will do the rest for you. You can not get any better then that…


Get started today right here and learn how you can start replacing your income by providing value and answers for people that need their problems or concerns answered or solved. You know how time flies when you are working or doing what your passionate about. Time stands still it seems. Listen to what Misha has to say, and learn a skill that will allow you to take back your life while doing what you love.

So.. when you here the question…”What is The Super Affiliate Network” you can say it’s a system that will teach brand new marketers as well as seasoned markets how to truly become successful online with a proven training in just 21 days.


Have an awesome day and look forward to helping you break free.


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 Scott Van Der Veer





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