Is Overwhelm Holding Back Your Online business?

Is overwhelm holding back your online business because you want everything to be perfect?

One of the first steps to getting out of overwhelm is to take action toward a small goal that you have to do for your business. Let’s go back to the beginning and find out which niche you are going to work for your business. Do you have a passion that you are good at. If you do not have anything your passionate about then you could choose a niche that is evergreen as they say. I have a article on my website showing the top 16 niches in the industry today. You can see it here.


find your gift


Maybe you have your own product, book or widget you would like to promote to a specific group of people. One quick way to find people is to type the kind of people your looking for and then add forum after it. Here you will find all sorts of people interested in that specific niche. That’s a Pro tip right there for you…I want to help you shortcut that time and share your unique experiences with the world. Not just so you can make a bunch of money, but so you can go from dreaming about a life of MORE to actually getting it.


I know how powerful it is to enlist the help of an expert when I’m stuck. If you’ve ever wanted to start an online business — to grow something from nothing, to profit even while you sleep — I can help. Others look at a business and talk themselves out of it. They don’t know what we’ve seen. We have the wisdom to know how something subtle today can turn into 100x revenues tomorrow. When you’re armed with a playbook that’s paved the way for you, you’ll know exactly how.


trust yourself


If you’re curious how, I want you to take away 3 things:

Someone’s going to do it. Why not you? Don’t compare your first day to someone’s 500th day. When I started out, I was jealous of people with more traffic, bigger email lists, etc. But I turned my jealousy into curiosity and decided to learn how they did it. Bet on yourself.


Control the voice in your head — don’t let it control you. My blog design looks great now. It didn’t always look like that. You don’t NEED everything to be perfect to get started. If I had waited, I would have never done anything. That voice in your head wants you to stay stagnant because it’s comfortable and warm. Don’t let it control you.


Study the masters. I took every chance I could to learn from people who knew more than I did. I read their interviews, I bought their courses, and I meticulously studied their website. You can do it all on your own — but why would you? There are lots of smart people out there who have paved a way for you. They want to help other ambitious people become successful. Re-frame: Successful people want to help great people become more successful.


Think of it like this:

Someone’s going to do it. Why should it be someone else? Why shouldn’t it be you?

This stuff isn’t rocket science. But it takes you putting aside those barriers in your head — the one telling you, “You can’t do this…you don’t have an idea…you’re not an ‘entrepreneur’…why would anybody listen to you…you know NOTHING about business!”


Three Biggest Fears of Most People Starting an Online Business


Fear #1 What if I Fail?

It’s so easy to stay in the shadows. It’s COMFORTABLE there. Nobody looks at you, and nobody points at you and laughs. But you also never take a risk to stand out and try something new.

Which would you rather have? A safe life where nobody points at you…and you’re the same as everyone else? Or would you be willing to take a small risk — not a huge one, just a small one — and dip your toe in the waters of trying something new?

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
–Michael Jordan .


Fear#2  What If I’m Not An Expert

This is crippling because it puts you in a state of learning and researching every thing imaginable trying  everything out before you make a move on your business. You have it ingrained in your mind that you need some sort of degree or credentials from someone before you feel that you can teach someone how to do something and that it has to be 100 percent correct before you will act. Most of us claim we want to take risks. But if you really did, you would naturally fail as part of the process. So — when was the last time you failed? A week ago? A month ago? If your not failing at something your not trying to do enough new stuff. It’s all part of growing.


Fear #3  I Need To Figure It Out First

How long have we been reading endless blog post after blog post, dreaming about generating automatic income?

How many Facebook photos of a friend sitting on a beach — on a Wednesday! — have we seen?

And yet, when we get the opportunity to actually start one, we do the most curious thing of all: come up with reasons it won’t work for us.

I was taught when I got in this business to Invest in a program, learn the program and then teach that program to your subscribers, ILT… If your teaching, you are the authority. Period. If you walk into a room and there is someone standing up in front of the room or class who is the authority in the room.  You don’t have to know everything before you start. Check out my video.  It will show you you can start making sales in the first day after going through just a week or so of training.

Instead of focusing on your fears, I want you to look ahead. Answer some real questions like, What is the main reason I won’t take action.What is your biggest struggle that is holding you back? Please comment below so I can address your concerns.

Have a great day and I look forward to your success.




ps….Is Overwhelm Holding Back Your Online business? Watch my video here

If you want to have a step by step system that will build on each day along with having a personal coach that will keep you out of overwhelm and into profit mode.

Stop letting dis-belief and negativity keep you from achieving a successful online business.

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