Online Jewels from “Top Earners”

Online Jewels from Top Earners is just that.Two close friends of mine are Super Affiliates and I want to share some tools and lessons that I have learned from them and pass them onto you.

As with anything you want to learn, you never really come right out of the gate hitting it out of the park. There is always a learning curve. One of my mentors flew from Hawaii to Winter Park, Utah to meet some of the top people in the Internet world.
They went over tweaking things most of you might already be doing if you have your online business starting up or, already up and running. One very crucial step they talked about was to track everything you do. You can make subtle changes that all have an accumulative effect.

Most internet marketers seem to be waiting for this secret magical formula how the real pro’s make so much money online but it’s not some secret formula at all. They test and test again and then continue to test and tweak there capture pages, their bridge pages, their website or landing pages to convert at a higher percentage.


It’s called work...This is how you start becoming a top earner online. See…once you have your conversion system converting correctly, you start feeding traffic into your sales funnel and let your system do the work for you. This is when you start automating your sales funnel.


Just as my mentor who is from Hawaii was learning to snowboard, he kept falling over and over all morning long, but he kept getting up and trying again and again and by the end of the day he was sailing down the mountain really fast without falling once. We have to take that same mentality with our online business. If something doesn’t work, make some small changes and try again.


snowboard fall

snowboard sailing

I have a book by Russell Brunson called 108 split test winners. Russell is a multi-millionaire. That’s how became that way. He would test one capture page with a blue button and then one with a orange button. Then he will try a red one and then some other color. It’s those small changes that grow your online business.


split test



 The key is to get your funnel set up with a good converting capture pages with your lead magnet which is a give away that should be good enough that someone would pay for that you give away for free. After they opt in they are sent to a bridge page which is you using the 60 second sales hook to tell your story in about 2 and a half minutes. I know what your saying.. A 60 second sales hook that takes over 2 minutes. You basically use the 60 second sales hook as your template and then embellish from there depending on your specific story.


You can use a power point slide presentation with voice over. It’s not that bad to do this at all. It sounds hard but it’s not. Then from your bridge page, you funnel them to your offer. Your conversion rate will be much higher by using a bridge page for sure. People get to meet you, they see that you are a real person that has experienced the same problems they have experienced. This connection is a big deal. Don’t underestimate the power of this. This is a pro tool…


The product is a big factor also. When you send a prospect to your sales page, it has to scratch their itch if you know what I mean. It has to solve their problem in a big way and also do it very quickly if possible. People are hit with so much advertisement on a daily basis their numb to most offers. Either the copy if written correctly or the product itself has to draw your prospect in and touch that nerve within the prospect to get them to buy.



On a good day you should expect about a 3% conversion on the traffic you send through your funnel. The next part being the follow up is where most marketers drop the ball. The pro’s know how to continue to follow up with the remaining 97% reaching out to them with emails providing value, webinars, offers on a daily basis.


This is how you convert even more of your subscribers into buyers. It’s called reciprocity. You give-give-give and then ask for their business. After a while your subscriber feels obligated to buy from you.


One of the last jewels is taking action. Don’t wait until everything is perfect. Just take action and adjust as you go. The worst thing to do is become a career student that never takes action on what you have learned. Get you sales funnel in place and then start driving traffic to it.


If your still a little confused how that all works together, you can go to the Product/Solution Tab at the top of my website and click that and sign up for the Super Affiliate Bootcamp. It will teach you step by step how to set up your conversion system as well as how to get all the traffic you will ever need to pump into your sales funnel. You also get a personal coach to help you the whole way through. It’s only $1.00 dollar to check it out for 30 days. It’s a 21 day bootcamp. You will not find a better offer on the internet then The Super Affiliate Bootcamp



To Your Success,



After being online for over 6 years, I have learned that having an offer that can teach you how to set up your conversion system, show you how to get traffic and be taught how it all works together is like finding online jewels from top earners literally. I looked for 5 years before I actually found and became friends with a few Super Affiliates that I am now close friends with. This information is the real deal, don’t take it lightly, or the training either. It’s great information that if you apply it, will change your life. 

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