Do You Have 10X Rule?

Do you have the 10X Rule?  Are you happy with your financial wealth right now, Are you at the desired weight you would like to be at. Do you have the husband or wife you have always wanted. I could go on and on but there’s a good chance that you may not have the things that I mentioned. You may have one or two if your doing well but most of us are still struggling with those goals in our life.


The 10X rule is what Grant Cardone talks about how he has become so successful in his life. Looking at his life from the outside you would see a very successful entrepreneur with millions in real estate holdings, his own private jet and several successful companies. He has done this because he lives by the 10X rule. He also said he failed miserable at the second part of the 10X rule which was to dream of goals that were ten times more then what he thought he could achieve.


By limiting your beliefs and dreams, you are sabotaging your outcome before you start. You must start with the end result in mind. It’s like the quote on the front of my website. You must first dream the impossible before it can be made possible. Having a strong vision and then taking ten times the action anyone or yourself would normally take to achieve that goal. This is how you start changing your life. Any person that has ever accomplished anything great wasn’t without them applying massive action to achieve the end result.


Motivation is stirred up when you can see a result and it’s very close to you. it could be that a friend of yours is starting to really make money online and has quit his job because he took massive action to work hard, and do the task needed to build his business online and now it has paid off for him. It could be that a close friend lost 30 pounds and looks great. You’ll find that it just did not happen. They put a lot of extra effort into doing what was needed and more to get the end result.



Sometimes opportunities come our way and we fail to act for many different reasons and many are from non belief or assuming you know the outcome and have painted a picture or result in your mind from maybe hearing other stories from people or just your own self. See, the problem most people fall into is that when we went to school, we were taught if we fail, we are failures.


Unfortunately, that teaching has really ingrained some deep imprints in our brains so that a lot of people will never try to go into business for themselves because they have heard the statistics for one, and second, they don’t want to be a failure so many never even try. The statistics of small businesses that fail is not as bad as previously stated. There are about 50 percent of small business that remain open after 5 years, thirty three percent actually failed and seventeen percent closed voluntarily.


For you to succeed in business, there will be a chance at failing but it is the mind set to keep going and push through that failure, learn from your mistakes and continue on. Yea,yea yea. I have heard it all before your probably saying. Tell me something new…what I’m trying to say is that failure is welcomed in a sense. Not everyone knocks it out of the park first time at bat. You have to try and most often people fail because they did not have the 10X rule working. They settle or give up.


michael jordon

Micheal Jordon said he practiced more then what ever his coaches ever expected of him and that was the attitude and the skills that made him great. How do boys and girls, men and women get to the Olympics. Can they be good or do they have to be great?  I think I have made my point here.


Here’s the deal. My good friend is very successful online and has been working on a program teaching people how to be successful online with their own business. He became a six figure earner inside of a year and is well on his way to become a 7 or 8 figure earner in the very near future. I have been using his program as well and I am well on my way myself.


I have searched my whole life to find a person and a opportunity that will allow me to have time freedom, work for myself with out a boss ragging on me and be able to help people at the same time teaching them how to do the same thing. What are you willing to do to achieve that? will you go the extra mile, will you put in the effort? You are the only one that can answer that. i guess when you get to a point where the pain of not having what you want is strong enough, you will act.


People do things either by inspiration or desperation and then there are people, the one percenter’s that just will not settle until they have reached their goal. if you had an awesome opportunity show up at your door, what would you do?


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