7 Step Formula for Success in Any Niche

7 Step Formula for Success in any Niche


The 7 step formula to success in any niche is a guide for you to follow that will help you in your online quest.

When you are looking for your ideal customer especially when it comes to the how to make money online niche, you might just look in the mirror. All the problems your having are the same ones everyone else is having to.


Step 1Who is my prospect? Define your perfect avatar person. Get very specific in who they are.

Example: NOT.. How to lose weight. That’s to broad. How about.. How to get rid of love handles, or How to get rid of belly fat. Dial your subject down to a specific problem with in that niche. Here’s a great tip. Type in your avatar or niche person and then put Forum after it. There you will find a lot of people in that specific niche with all the problems and issues they are having.

Step 2What is there Big Ass problem? Pretty straight forward here..

Step 3What are there symptoms of that problem? Research the top 5 -7-10 symptoms of that problem and note them down.

Step 4What solution might I find or create for that problem. This will take some research depending on the exact niche you decide to take. Amazon is a great place to start. Look up the top books on that subject. You can see how people like the information and also hear there comments which are very valuable. If you you have a solution already that is your own product, you would probably want to get the book Launch by Jeff Walker. He is the Zen Master at launching products to the market place.


Step 5 What makes my solution uniquely valuable? Spend some time here separating yourself from the pack. Be specific. Model successful ads for the way you can present your solutions. Use power words and phrases like, Discover, How to blank in blank steps, 7 secrets to blank, The top 10 blank, Get blank ideas that really work, how to blank in 5 minutes, The shocking truth about blank, 13 things you blank won’t tell you, Little known ways to blank, What everybody aught to know about blank, Get rid of Blank once and for all.5 little known factors that could effect your blank.


Step 6 How will my solution solve their problem? Amazon is a great place for this subject also. You can see the top selling books on how other people are solving these problems. Check forums for this information to. People will tell you what they want if you ask the right question and look in the right place such as a forum.


Step 7How will that change their life? You want to project into the future how great they will be or feel when their problem is solved and they have accomplished their goal.


Remember… people have two identities. There is your superficial identity which is who they are now and their Genuine identity which Who they aspire to be. You want to speak to their genuine Identity.


**This is very important because most people do this backwards and is the reason they fail when attempting an online business.**

 Opportunity seekers start with the product. This is where most people find themselves.


The strategic entrepreneur always starts with the WHO…

Find the problem

Create or find a solution.

Offer in exchange for money.


I know it can be totally overwhelming to get this all started bu focusing on the 7 step formula for success in any niche will help keep you on track. The product is actually the 3rd step in line. The first thing you need to do is get your email list started. Once you find the who.. you then offer lead magnets which are give aways like :


 Discover how to eat more and lose weight…

Here’s my 3 top exercises for getting rid of back pain.


 Once you have your autoresponder set up, you can create a opt in box where you would put this headline in and it would also have a space for someone to put their email in to join your newsletter.

 If you need help, give me a call. I found that it’s best to have a system that has all the tools instead of trying to figure all this stuff out by yourself. I am working directly with 6 and 7 figure earners. I’m talking monthly to, not yearly. These guys know what there doing. Find out what their doing here…



I hope you found the 7 step formula for success in any niche helpful. If you did, please share with your friends.

Let’s talk. You can see my video right here how this system took me from broke and struggling to getting leads everyday.


Email: info@scottvanderveer.com


ps… Having a system is key. My niche is the business opportunity market. Earning money online while building a massive list of targeted subscribers. No matter what niche your in, you need a list to market to. This is your first priority. All the rest is secondary to that.

If you want to learn how to build a list fast, find out what were doing right here.


To you list building Success..







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